The continuous collecting is the key factor to realize the mass production of nanofiber electrospinning. TONG LI TECH provides continuous nanofiber collectors of various sizes and collection speeds.

-Winding width: max = 250mm
-Winding diameter: max = 65mm
-Inner diameter of winding core barrel: 28-48mm
-Inner diameter of winding core barrel: 20 ~ 48mm
-Winding length: it varies according to the thickness of the material. Generally, the total length is about 50-100m.
-Running speed: 1 ~ 40mm / S

-Main functions:

The linear speed is constant. Although the diameter of the reels will change during operation, the linear speed of feeding will be kept constant.
Calculate length automatically
Set the length and stop automatically after reaching the fixed length
Negative high pressure can be applied to the collector to improve spinning stability
Use of insulating and corrosion-resistant materials
Cantilever drum design, easy to transfer.

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