1. X-Y moving stage is quite useful for making even fiber film on inflexible materials. It can be used as a holder for glass or ceramic, and other inflexible materials, to make even nanofiber film or nanoparticle film on the surface of the collector.

2. As for Near-field Electrospinning & Melt Electrospinning 3D Direct writing (3D printing), a fast moving X-Y stage can be as collector to make a certain pattern which can be designed or drawed by CAD or other software.

Specification of X-Y Moving stage:

TL-HP500 X-Y Specification:(High precise, recommend for Near-field electrospinning)

(1)Travel Positioning Accuracy:2um


(3)Max Travel:X axis*Y axis =200*200mm


(5)Control method:By computer

(6)Power source:220V,50/60Hz


TL-HP250 X-Y specification:


(2)Max Travel:X axis*Y axis =150*150mm,(尺寸大的话,可能放不进TL-Pro-BM的机器里面。)



(5)Control method: Control box

(6)Power source: 220V,50/60Hz


TL-200 X-Y specification:(Used for TL-Pro-BM and TL-BM-300)


(2)Max travel:X axis*Yaxis =200*200mm


(9)Materials: POM, PP, PE, PTFE

X-Y stage

X-Y moving stage

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