Rotating collector of electrospinning is used for collecting aligned nanofiber sheet. This is the simplest & effective method to make aligned nanofibers. By using different length/ diameter ratio, with different rotating speed, an even fiber sheet or aligned fibers can be made.

TONG LI TECH offers a lot of rotating collecotrs for electrospinning,

- Large area fiber sheet collector: size as B5, A4,or others.

electrospinning collector

- The fiber sheet made by TL-BM-700 is 1m*0.7m.

electrospinning collector

- High aligned nanofiber collector: normally, linear speed is bigger, the fiber alignment will be better. Even though disk collector can make best aligned nanofibers, its collecting area it too limited.  In order to get larger fiber sheet with good alignment, TONG LI TECH designs the following collector with short length and big diameter.

electrospinning collector

- Mandrel collector with different diameters.

electrospinning collector

- Thread collector (0.8mm in diameter, stainless steel)

Thread collector

- Grooved collector. For making good aligned fiber sheet. The distance between 2 electrodes can be adjusted.
Grooved collector

Grooved collector

- 8 sides rotating collector for super aligned naofibers

Electrospinning collector

- Disk collector. The fiber sheet collected by disk collector has best alignment compared to above collectors.

Disk collector

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