AElectrospinning machine is a device that produces nanofibers using electrospinning technology. It has been widely used in many fields such as biomedicine, nanocomposites, filtration materials, battery materials, and so on.
AAt present, there are more and more laboratories and enterprises using high-voltage electrospinning to prepare and produce nanofiber membranes. Electrospinning is an important technology that is simple to operate and can directly and continuously prepare polymer nanofibers.
AIn recent years, 3D micro-nano printing technology has developed rapidly. KONE Micronano has developed a series of related equipment in direct writing technology for nearly ten years, and has now achieved 3D printing of single filaments with a diameter of 1 micron.
AAmong the commercially available electrospinning equipment, some are equipped with only positive high voltage power supplies, some are equipped with positive and negative high voltage dual power supply systems, and some high-end models are even equipped with two positive high voltage systems. How should users choose? What is the role of the negative high voltage power supply in the equipment?
ACoaxial electrospinning can prepare nanofibers of various morphologies with a core-shell structure, such as ribbon fibers, hollow fibers, tube-sleeved nanofibers, etc. If the inner fibers are removed by extraction or calcination, fibers with a porous structure, a hollow structure, and even a multi-channel structure can be obtained.
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