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Multi-needle spinneret is widely used for mass production electrospinning. Through extensive research and development for years, TONG LI TECH developed many types of multi-needle spinnerets and related moving machinery for labs and mass production, which can produce different nanofiber sheets with even properties.

TONG LI TECH offers a wide range of multi-needle spinnerets for lab use, pilot production, mass production.


Advantages of multi-needle spinnerets compared to needleless spinnerets:

1. Various shapes and arrays available.

2. Electrospinning conditions is easily controllable.

3. Concentration of the polymer solutions is stable.

4. TONG LI TECH developed auto-clean device for needles, which is very convenient.

5. It is easy to control the temperature and humidity for mass production.

6. A lot of experience can be refered.


Linear multi-needle spinneret in lab use:

Multi-needle in a circle:

Multi-coaxial spinneret in a circle (Six coaxial spinnerets)

Multi-needles in arrays


V-shape multi-needle spinneret (4-8 needles)


Multi-needle spinneret for mass production, 192 needles per unit.


Easily extentionable multi-needle spinneret for mass production.

Needle amount: 192needles * N.

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