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Nanodiamond has perfect mechanical performance of lubricating. Adding this remarkable material into lubricating oil could get many wonderful effects; prolong the work life of engines and gearings, save engine oil, decrease friction moment by 20-40% and alleviate the surface abrasion by 30-40%.



Detonation Nanodiamond

Purity:98-99% (gray nanopowder)

Average particle size: 4-6nm

Density: 3.05-3.3 g/m3

Specific surface area: 282.83 m2/g

Initial oxidation temperature: 803 K

Conductivity (Ω.cm): 7.7×107 , 0.1-2(Boron- doping)

Nanodiamond by detonation processNanodiamond by detonation process

Detonation Nanodiamond black powder: Good for lubrication application.

Purity: 55-75%

Impuries: Graphite 30-40%

Average particle size: 4-15nm

Specific surface area: 287.87 m2/g


Non-detonaton Nanodiamond, with high purity

Purity: >99.95% (Grade A)

Purity: >95% (Grade B)

Average particle size: 45nm; 80nm; 120nm; 150nm; 180nm

45nm nanodiamon50nm nanodiamond




Nano-diamond is widely used in various industries such as spaceflight, aeroplane manufacture, information industry, precision machinery, optical instrument, automobile manufacture, chemical plastics and lubricant etc.


1.Precision polishing and CMP technology

It's the most ideal polish which can achieve the atomic polishing surface, specially used in the precision processing and the polishing of various hard materials, such as precision ceramics integrated circuit chip, jewelry, iron oxygen magnetic head, quartz plate, hard alloy and optical lens, so on and so forth.


2.Polymer compound

Enhance the anti-wear, hardness and self-cleaning performance of high polymer, used as the additive of rubber, glass, ceramic, fiber and so on.

3.Grease and Lubrication

Used as additives of various lubricating oil, and will the service life of engine and gearing, save fuel, reduce the wear degree by 30-40%.

4. Composite materials

Used as the additive of composite anti-wear plating and coating.


5. Medicine


Innocuity, non cancer-caused risk, used as super active sorbent and active bio-orientation agent to enhance the curative effect.


Other applications are to be discovered.

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