For lab use electrospinning equipment, the syringe pump is placed outside of the chamber for safety, and keep a clean and simple chamber. Normally, a soft tube is used to connect the syringe and needle, but for some applications, the spinnable solution is very expensive, especially for bio-medical application, some solutions cost a lot. So this long soft tube can't be used.

TONG LI TECH's Tubeless spinneret solved this difficult problem, with tubeless spinneret, syringe pump can be still outside of the chamber, and no soft tube will be used for the spinnable solution.

- No waste. Only 0.5ml solution is enough for a completed electro-spinning experiment.
- No soft tube. A 5ml syringe can be used directly. Soft tube is not needed for connecting between the needle and syringe.
- High efficiency. Various solutions can be spun in a short time.
- Wide applications. The special designed spinneret can be used for any kind of electro-spinning machines.
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